Rachit Gupta
 A scholar for life, An Innovator, An Artist by passion. Not many things interest me, but if any, it doesn't interest many!   
 OpenSource Campus Ambassadors India  
OpenSource Campus Ambassador India is an initiative to promote the adoption of Open Source in Indian educational institutes. Open Source technologies has seen a widespread growth and are now widely adopted by the software companies across India as well as Government agencies. Government of india has recently announced it's strong support for Open Source first policy which mandates the use of Open Source over propierty software, Adopting Open Source in educational system would mean that student can learn Open Source skill sets which are in high demand in Industry. Our idea is to keep Faculty and students abreast with the latest tools and technologies freely available.

 Drupal Mumbai Community   

Drupal is an Open Source Project which is powering 2% of Web. I started working on Drupal in 2008 when i was in college and was helping a NGO to build their website. I soon got in touch with the Open Source community which was promoting Drupal and that’s how i got introduced to Drupal Community. I later took Drupal as my career choice and got actively involved in Drupal development. 3 
Drupal Mumbai started back in 2011 as the Drupal Mumbai Meetup Group (DMMG), with an objective to revive and strengthen the local Drupal community in Mumbai. Since then over 700 members have joined the group and we have conducted more than 70 community events. Drupal Mumbai's primary purpose is to build and foster a strong community of Drupal and open source contributors in and around the Mumbai region. We invite and welcome Drupal enthusiasts, newbies, designers and hackers, businesses and marketers to join us. We have conducted some very large camps, out last camp had 650+ attendees - http://2015.drupalmumbai.org/  2014.drupalmumbai.org . Drupal Mumbai community has played a very active role in organizing DrupalCon Asia 2016.  

Drupal Campus Ambassador Program 

Drupal campus ambassador programme(DCAP) aims to introduce Drupal to universities and engineering college across the globe by creating a network of Drupal Campus ambassadors across different universities and engineering colleges of India.
DCAP will be lead by a core leadership and volunteer from the Drupal India community who will travel to these college, evangelize Drupal and select one student from 2nd/3rd Year who has very good insight into open source technologies and will be responsible for evangelizing Drupal in that college/universities. Idea is to have these bright minds spread the Drupalism at the grass root level.