Let Noble Thoughts Come to Us from Every Side

Let Noble Thoughts Come to Us from Every Side

This is a beautiful ancient verse of wisdom. Everything originates from thoughts. An idea takes shape from thoughts. After scrutiny and deliberation, it becomes an act. When several acts take place a character is formed. In the long run, one's destiny evolves from such a character. That is the power of thought.

It is up to us to make a thought noble or otherwise. Noble thoughts are those which ensure the welfare of society and of oneself. They result in noble acts and constant performance of noble acts makes a noble character. Such an individual is an asset to society. Great leaders in all walks of life have made significant contributions. They have always entertained noble thoughts and through noble acts achieved greatness for the country and for themselves.

We benefit by welcoming noble ideas from everyone. The collective result of all noble ideas will do collective good. It is the pooling of the best minds and the best thoughts, which results in the best action. These ideas are easy to implement. There will not be negative thoughts to cause interruptions. Nor will there be any dissipation of energy. The openness of mind manifests in such cases for there is nothing to fear. Noble thoughts through noble ideas result in noble acts and by evolving a noble character bring noble results. For example, from a single thought of increasing food production, the innovative method of increasing productivity originates. It raises food output substantially. It benefits several million and the destiny of a nation changes from poverty to prosperity. On the contrary, a single thought of destroying others with ideas and acts of deploying destructive weapons ultimately result in the loss of several lives. The examples of 9/11 calamity and world wars make this clear.

Knowledge is power. It can be the right knowledge or destructive knowledge. Whether knowledge is right or destructive depends on the ideas fed into the brain for assimilation. We witness knowledge explosion and the growth of the knowledge industry. The question arises whether we should

develop knowledge, which is beneficial to society or destructive. Everyone will say we should do the former. The inventions in medicines are the result of noble ideas and they benefit millions of people. An individual can devote his attention to screen ideas and entertain noble ones only. But as a nation responsibility for protecting the life and property of the citizens devolves on the government. So fully knowing that an idea to invent a deadly destructive defensive weapon system may be necessary. Knowledge explosion has to be in the direction of what is good for the individual and for society.

The greater the content of noble ideas in a person, organization or government, the nobler will be the benefits to society. If a nation or individual devotes the entire energy for designing weapons of destruction with the strategy to accomplish it then only evil results will follow. Positive thinking benefits the individual and society. Negative thinking destroys both. The more the number of people and countries have noble thoughts and ideas the world becomes a better place to live. If it is the other way the world will be a palace of pain despite all progress and comforts we have achieved. All individuals developing noble thoughts and ideas collectively can make a better world. That should be the global perspective. There will be peace and happiness and we will be able to eliminate poverty, ensure happiness and welfare for all.


Those who develop noble thoughts and acts will find joy in giving and sharing with others what they have. The rich and well-off sections of society should come forward to give part of their earnings to the poorer sections of the people without government intervention. If this is done globally a serious dent on the problem of poverty can be made. The hand of the giver is always higher. We can give anything, which is useful, or others. It can be materials of all types of knowledge, which will make them better and useful citizens. Giving knowledge is an enriching experience. It is like lighting several lamps from a single lamp. The mother lamp does not lose its brightness or light when the others are lighted. Similarly, when all give to one another there will be love, happiness, and prosperity. Problems will be less and effort and energy will be available for achieving great things. We can thus alleviate poverty and eliminate suffering to a greater extent.


When rich nations are achieving higher levels of living, poor nations are unable to maintain even the existing levels. They find the gap between needs and resources widening. In this context the views expressed by the famous economist and Nobel Laureate, Jan Tinbergen is of great significance.

"Generally the rich of the earth should prepare themselves for a simpler life in the future. The leading philosophy of the present, which always asks for more material goods and does not attach much value at the simplicity of life or modesty in claims, has to be replaced by alternative philosophies and surely much could be learned from Mahatma Gandhi's words and example. The real values of life do contain a sufficient quantity of food and shelter, but it is not necessary to have the luxuries now aimed at. Cultural values will have to be "upgraded" again. The tremendous waste of armament and outer space research should be curtailed."

It is useful to remember the maxim:

Sow a thought and reap an idea,

Sow an idea and reap an act,

Sow an act and reap a character

Sow a character and reap a destiny.

Let us imbibe the content of this maxim and strive hard to achieve progress based on positive thoughts.