Feels great when your idea gets implemented :-(

Feels great when your idea gets implemented :-(

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Below is an article posted on silicon-India, regarding three young Indian talents who have created apps which is actually a smart information retrieval system application currently available for i-phone, i-pad, and Android. These three Indian talents Archana Patchirajan, Puneet Mehta and Sonpreet Bhatia actually own a company called "MyCityWay".What feels gr8 is that they are all Indian and my idea was worth millions of dollars but what feels bad is that someone else had owned your idea. Well, congrats to young entrepreneurs and wish their idea goes long way up.

Article from Silicon India :

New York: Three Indians expatriates, Archana Patchirajan, Puneet Mehta and Sonpreet Bhatia, the winners of NYC BigApps have come out with their own company MyCityWay for creating an inventive, effective and commercially viable application to render information to the New York. They have thus rung the ceremonial bell in Nasdaq.

your idea gets captured

MyCityWay apps for the mobile device invented by them offer information to over 50 resource centers in the city like restaurants, nightlife, hotels, traffic, public transport, safety and green efforts. It acts like a travel guide within the city.

The application's success led to the creation of the company with the same name of the app.

Patchiranjan, Co-Founder and Partner of MyCityWay said, "As a startup company, we are delighted to be building a product that will enable the creation of smarter cities - cities that allow active interaction with residents and visitors through our apps,"

Gaining presence in 10 cities like Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, DC and London, MyCityWay now intends to spread its wings across 40 cities in the next four months.
Sonpreet Bhatia reveals that "Police departments from a couple of cities are seeking our help to include relevant safety tips from them within our city based apps,"

Google and Apple are the currently the customers for MyCityWay apps which can be downloaded on their iPhones, iPads and all Android-based phones.

Puneet Mehta remarks, "You can easily plan your vacation in New York city using the application on a flight in offline mode,"

These three immigrants had moved to the U.S. a decade ago and have now left their jobs to concentrate more on building up their own company.