Jugaad technology and Systematic Innovation

Traveling ticketless by train in India is not uncommon. In fact, traveling so in local trains is a matter of pride and adventure for many. After all, the likelihood of getting caught is low. Even so, some time ago, an insurance scheme was launched – surreptitiously one presumes – for ticketless travelers. By paying a small monthly premium, if caught, the penalty for ticketless travel would be paid by the insurer and the traveler was free to continue his/her travel (ticketless, presumably).


Blocks to creativity

There are many blocks to creativity. This is a short article that describes the three main domains of such blocks: the environment, other people and, ultimately, ourselves. The response to creative blocks is sometimes called blockbusting.


Five Ways to Create Innovation Throughout Your Life

When innovation is brought up in a business context, we mostly think about, well, the business. We think of innovations related to products, business models, go-to-market strategies and the like. This blog does a great job of identifying and promoting specific strategies and tactics for accelerating and maximizing innovation through those and other business-specific contexts.


Human Brain : An unusual computer

The human mind is the most incredible computer it would be possible to imagine. Yet no one knows where it is! Scientists have made detailed studies of the brain, but have been unable to locate where the mind is.

Our brain is composed of some 14 trillion brain cells! A very few people are making use of perhaps less than 10% of their mental capability. Most of us are probably using nearer 1%. So the potential we have is virtually unlimited.

The 7 People You Absolutely Need In Your Life

One thing that we all need is a friend … or two, or three. Too many times we think of someone as a friend when they’re really just an acquaintance. True friends have qualities that acquaintances do not. Can one or two people have all these qualities? Sure. I would say that if you find someone who exhibits all of them, you’ve found a true friend, maybe even a soul-mate.

Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.  –Aristotle

I believe there are 7 types of friends we all need. I am lucky to have found all.