Rachit Gupta
 A scholar for life, An Innovator, An Artist by passion. Not many things interest me, but if any, it doesn't interest many!   


I am an open source enthusiast and big time Drupal evangelist. I love to innovate and build things on web. Associated with Drupal for last 9 years. I started my Drupal Career while I was in college and since then I just fell in love with this awesome community. I started my first Drupal job with an technology incubator while in college and soon took Drupal as a full time career when I joined Blissteting Solutions. I am currently working with TATA Consultancy Services as Drupal Architect. I am also leading Drupal Mumbai community for last 9 years and am currently working on Drupal Campus Ambassador Program (DrupalCAP.org) ,Which is a community initiative to evangelise Drupal in Education.